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Chiropractic Manipulation

Manual manipulation involves detecting and mobilizing the different joints in the body, releasing the the tension and providing feedback through your nervous system. Each level of your spine provides a different function to your body; if the muscle or bone is stiff or unmoving, signals from your nervous system are interrupted or slowed, causing pains, aches, and numbness among other problems like trouble breathing and muscle weakness. By utilizing a specific thrust to certain segments along the spine and joints of the arms and legs as well as providing proper exercises and stretches, patients are able to move better and live a lifestyle free of pain.


Using very high frequency sound waves, ultrasound breaks up scar tissue that has formed from overuse like tendonitis and adhesive capsulitis(frozen shoulder). Inflammation from sprains and strains as well as arthritis are treated using this special machine, which oscillates between 0.7-3.3MHz and alternates with compression and rarefaction to penetrate deep into the target area.


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Sports Taping

Rocktape and Kinesiotape are different from traditional athletic tape in that it is flexible and allows freedom of movement and flow of body. They help improve circulation, support the muscles, and prevent injury depending on how they are taped. It can also be used for postural placement to improve ergonomics as well as assist in recovery. Rocktape and Kinesiotape is sweat-proof and can be worn in the pool or shower, lasting from 2 days to 4 days.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is a sheet of connective tissue that is all throughout the body covering all of the muscles. When muscles get injured, scar tissue builds up which can cause the fascia and muscle to become glued together. Using a hands-on technique, a sustained pressure is applied to the muscle and fascia while the body is manipulated to help stretch and restore function to the restricted connective tissue and joints. By pinning certain fascia and soft tissue, the scar tissue is slowly being separated and smoothed out over the treatment. Exercises and stretches are given to keep the movement form reverting.

Interferential Therapy

Interferential therapy is a form of electrical stimulation therapy that uses two or more different currents that pass through a tissue from surface electrodes. When passing through the tissue simultaneously, they are set up so that they interfere with each other, mimicking a low frequency stimulation using high frequency so as to diminish pain in the area and calm the muscles.

Massage Therapy

Licensed massage therapists are available to enhance and support the chiropractic adjustments that were applied as well as to help facilitate and loosen muscle tightness. There are different types of of massage therapy methods and they are used for a variety of reasons including to decrease stress, rehabilitate injuries, and promote overall health.

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