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Walter Su D.C.,B.S. Biochemistry

Dr. Walter Su first took an interest in health care when he lost his grandmother due to medicinal complications. He received his degree in Molecular Cell Biology and Biochemistry at UC Davis, and was planning to pursue a PharmD program when he realized his true passion was with the chiropractic profession. The focus of health should be on treating the origin of pain rather than masking the symptoms with medication. With this principle in mind, he continued his studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic West and earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic.


Dr. Walter’s interests in the chiropractic profession are broad. Whether it's to treat and triage Ironman athletes or simply to alleviate the pains of the elderly in senior homes, he brings out the best in people, helping them perform at their optimum level. He also reaches out to anti-bullying community groups that utilize Tai Chi for self-defense. When his busy schedule allows for it, Dr. Walter enjoys participating in large fundraiser venues as well as lending a healing hand at sporting events around the Bay Area. In the meantime, he continues to build on his technique and stays up to date with the latest health research by attending various seminars every year. He generously shares his knowledge (as well as his organically grown fruit) with fellow colleagues and patients alike, and especially enjoys embodying the chiropractic values day in and day out. Come pay Dr. Walter a visit and see how he can enliven your world today!

Photo courtesy of Grace Talice Lee

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